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Changing The Way You Approach Health and Beauty


There’s a R路MEDY馃叓 for That.Your most advanced Health and beauty Experts

Established in 2021, and founded by Dr. Martin Braun, R路MEDY馃叓 is your hub for innovative and cutting-edge resources for maintaining and supporting optimal health and achieving complete body confidence. Our ultimate goal is to increase convenience for services in healthcare, functional medicine, and medical aesthetics. 

Derived from the word 鈥榬emedy鈥, meaning to cure, put right, or correct, R路MEDY馃叓 values an enhanced patient experience and focuses on providing quality services and expert care. Our highly personalized and customizable approach to health and beauty allows each patient the opportunity to discover what works best for them. 

R路MEDY馃叓 has 3 main branches across the lower mainland: R路MEDY馃叓 Functional Medicine, R路MEDY馃叓 Executive Health, and R路MEDY馃叓 Aesthetics Centre.

Receive insights on living a holistic, healthy lifestyle.