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What is personal health management?

A holistic, preventative approach to wellness

Health is much more than the mere lack of disease. It’s a positive vitality that balances a person’s entire wellbeing: the biological, psychological as well as physiological.
At R•MedyMD, we provide a proactive approach to managing all aspects of your personal health by taking into account the comprehensive effects your environment, lifestyle, nutrition and genetics have on your wellbeing. 
Our approach will empower you to gain a holistic understanding of your health and a roadmap to achieve optimal wellness. 

“Practicing functional medicine makes me feel more like a doctor rather than only a medical carpenter. It expands my vision on chronic illness by providing a more systemic and macroscopic view. It is also more human in terms of the doctor-patient relationship.”
James Leung, MD

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Meet James Leung, MD

James Leung, MD is one of the earliest pioneers of functional medicine, an expert in anti-aging treatments with experience practicing in both conventional and complementary medicine. He has spent his entire medical career providing the best care for his patients. He is a US board-certified anti-aging physician, internist and gastroenterologist from Taiwan. After graduating from Taipei Medical University, he has received continuous medical education at Harvard Medical School, Columbia University Medical Centre as well as the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). So lay back and feel secure, confident that you are in the hands of an experienced medical practitioner and a team devoted to helping you improve your personal health. 

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Everyone has a journey when it comes to their personal health. Symptoms that present themselves are just a small part of the story and it’s our role as doctors to learn about the forces at play and uncover what lies below the surface. Are you ready to improve your wellness?

Cancer risk reduction

The causes of cancer are complex, including genetic factors, environmental issues and lifestyle choices. By mitigating these issues at the root, along with addressing your body’s immune function, detox abilities, inflammation index and nutrient intakes, you can live your best life and minimize your chances of contracting this disease.

Mind rejuvenation

Neurological degenerations such as dementia do not happen suddenly but have antecedents. They’re often affected by physiological abnormalities such as oxidative stress, high blood sugar, chronic inflammation and vascular ageing. By removing toxins and providing the right nutrients, you can correct your body’s inflammation and enjoy the full benefits of aging.

Cardiovascular health

100,000. That’s the number of times your heart beats every day. By the time you reach age 70, it will have beaten more than 2.5 billion times. As we age, we become susceptible to cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and even sexual dysfunction. By improving your metabolism, oxidation mechanism, blood fat circulation and hormonal balance, you can keep your heart healthy and maintain a high quality of life for years to come.

Hepatic regeneration

There are an estimated 90,000 kinds of chemicals in the world with 1,000 new ones every year, and fewer than 10% have undergone strict safety testing. Our liver is an incredible and vital organ, responsible for removing 75% of the toxins absorbed in our body. It also has a strong regenerative capacity. By reducing the burden on the liver and enhancing its detoxification ability, most of it can be restored to an optimized state, in peak shape to remove body toxins and improve your metabolism and health.

Mental wellness

Anxiety and stress are some of the biggest issues in modern society, affecting people of every age. The immediate outcomes include weakened immune systems, chronic or adrenal fatigue and accelerated aging. By conducting a comprehensive evaluation of your metabolism, identifying your stress symptoms, immunity and hormonal balance, you can regulate the psycho-neurological-immune-endocrine (PNIE) linkages better to improve many chronic problems. This will also help reduce your risk of developing major disease down the road.

Women’s health

From puberty to menopause, many women’s physiological functions change significantly. Losing collagen and elastin in their skin, obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer, all are related to the interplay between your hormones and certain environmental stressors. When we analyze the hormonal response related to women’s physiology from a macro perspective, we can evaluate the functional status of various related organs and tissues and then through nutritional adjustment, correct your body’s hormonal balance, keeping you feeling in the prime of your youth and elegance.

Digestive care

100 trillion. That’s the number of microbes living inside your gut. The digestive system is more than digestion and elimination: it is also the coast guard of the body’s immune defence. The food we eat is often mixed with various toxins, allergens and germs, which impose a huge threat on gut integrity and burden our digestive system. As we get older, our digestive capacity gradually decreases and our nerves’ reflexes slow. By improving our ability to digest food, increasing our defences against toxins and germs and optimizing the internal ecology of the intestine along with its close relationship to the heart and brain, you can rebuild a fully better functioning digestive system and boost your immune system.

“[James Leung, MD] ability to translate very complex concepts in medicine into a form that can be understood by the patient is a very rare talent. He is a true leader and a pioneer in Functional and Anti-aging Medicine. I highly recommend James Leung and his books for anyone interested in the highest level of patient care.”

Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., FACN, FACB
Founder, Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)

Putting men’s and women’s health at the forefront.

Meet dr. Alan Kuan

Dr. Kuan has a passion for regenerative and anti-aging medicine and a keen interest in men’s and women’s health. Dr. Kuan obtained his Masters of Science degree in Physiology from the University of Manitoba and completed his Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of Alberta. He has over 30 years of experience in acute care medicine and recognizes that to successfully manage more complex, chronic health conditions, a more comprehensive, individualized approach to health and disease must be used. His philosophy is to educate his patients to promote healthier behaviours, create wellness and effectively prevent disease. Through customized treatments such as nutritional supplements, weight management, scientifically tested natural medicines, traditional drugs and hormones, he is able to help patients achieve their health objectives.

Sexual health

Our clinic specializes in optimal wellness and functional medicine for men and women. Our expertise is in hormone replacement and optimization, ED treatment modalities and nutrition and supplement treatments which can benefit ED. Our goal is to offer all that is needed to achieve optimal health and optimal erectile function.

Hormone optimization

Fluctuations in our hormones can have a significant negative effect on how we look, feel and perform. Hormone treatment begins with a thorough evaluation and analysis of current hormone levels, symptoms and overall health condition. From this analysis, we determine the needed hormone types and dosage to be administered.

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