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The ScienceOur expertise lies in your personal health

Health is more than the lack of diseaseTake a proactive approach and live your best life yet.

The R•MEDYMD approach incorporates genetic science, patient-centered care and cellular biology-based practice to detect the root cause of a disease or concern. R•MEDYMD offers the most cutting edge diagnostic and treatment options that combine functional and conventional medicine to take the guesswork out of optimizing your health.

How does functional medicine differ from conventional medicine

One of the greatest differences between Functional Medicine and conventional medicine is the preventative aspect. Conventional medicine often treats the disease when it has surfaced enough to cause illness. The Functional Medicine approach offers a proactive examination into indicators and markers for disease enabling the effective management and health strategies to minimize disease progression.

The team at R•MEDYMD recognize that the body and mind are extensively connected and they understand how to recognize these pathways and relationships to better assess the origin of a condition.

THe SCience of R•MEDY🅫

Comprehensive Testing

R•MEDY🅫 uses facilities throughout the world for sample and blood analysis.


Real time results with the Fibroscan at R•MEDY🅫 provides immediate visual assessments of your liver health.

InBody Composition Analysis

A fully comprehensive analysis of your total body structure, weight, BMI, visceral fat, water composition and more.

HRV Analysis

A detailed stress and vascular aging assessment.

O-Shot® & P-Shot®

Experienced physicians and nurses that specialize in non-surgical sexual enhancements.

ShockWave Therapy

The power of acoustic shockwave therapy for tissue regeneration and stimulation to promote healthy healing.

“All my traditional tests came back normal but I just didn’t feel right. The team at R.Medy helped find the root cause of my poor health.”

harry W.

Benefits of Personal Health Management

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between tests with my family doctor vs. tests with remedy?

R•MEDYMD offers a deep dive into your health with specific tests that are not available in Canada. With international labs,

R•MEDYMD has greater ability to provide a clear road map of your current health

How do you decide what tests I need?

The tests recommended at R•MEDYMD are dependent on the results of your MSQ assessment with a detailed examination of your health history and current concerns.

What is a Fibroscan?

The Fibroscan at R•MEDYMD examines the current health of your liver through cutting-edge ultrasound technology.